Monitor for Disaster Strategic Action plans (MDSA)

MDSA is a web based, centralized system for logging and monitoring projects being operated around the nation that deliver against the National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategic Action Plan 2018-2030. It also links with BIPAD system for crosslinking information with disasters.

This National Strategic Plan of Action on Disaster Risk Reduction has been prepared based on the experience gained through the implementation of National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management, 2009, the experiences and lessons from the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Sustainable Development Goals and Sendai Framework. This will ensure active participation of all stakeholders in its implementation by identifying and mainstreaming risk sensitive activities in the development process of federal, provincial and local level for risk reduction.
As recommended by Sendai Framework, consultation workshops were organized at national, regional and district level with the participation of stakeholders of all sectors, where representatives from multi-stakeholders agencies provided recommendations to include in "National Policy and Strategic Plan of Action on Disaster Risk Reduction” based on learned issues and challenges from their best practices identifying main problems and solutions.


  • Prevent duplication of similar natured projects.
  • Provide centralized system for keeping track of projects operated for disaster across nation.
  • Assist in understanding gaps for identifying new project location and targets.
  • Generate project specific, organization specific and district level reports of projects.
  • To keep track of progress against National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategic Action Plan 2018-2030.


  • View insights in dashboard filtered by various parameters.
  • Interface with BIPAD system.
  • Accessible online for anywhere-anytime access.
  • Mail service integration for Organization verification and reminders.

Roles of MDSA

Track WHO is doing WHAT to contribute to Priority Actions of NDRRSAP 2018-2030, WHERE, WHEN


  • Project Owners
  • Project Partners
  • Project Donors


  • Activities in line with Priority Actions of NDRRSAP 2018-2030


  • National Level Support
  • Province Level Support
  • District Level Support
  • Local Level Support


  • Project Duration

Steps in Project Creation

After organization and it's user is verified and provided access by admin they can:

STEP 1: Project

Enter Project Detail
  • Project Name
  • Administrative Budget
  • Contact Information

STEP 2: Output

Outputs under project that deliver to support the Priority Actions
  • Output
  • Priority Actions supported

STEP 3: Activity

Activities under Outputs
  • Activity done
  • Operational Budget for Activity
  • Partner Organizations for Activity
  • Delivery Location of Activity

STEP 4: Target

Targets are quantifiable indicators to monitor activities
  • Target title
  • Target value
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